Visit Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain For Snow Filled Fun

Floridians Visit Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain

My kids are always begging to see snow this time of year. Living in Florida we don’t get to experience the four seasons. We’re lucky to not have freezing cold snow and ice in the winter, but it’s something my kids want to experience and something I treasure from my childhood in Colorado. My husband’s co-workers suggested Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain, Georgia as an alternative for our kids to have fun in the snow.  I honestly had my doubts as a Colorado girl, but I decided to give it a shot and we headed up to Atlanta for four days of family fun.

It was supposed to be a six-hour drive from Tampa to Atlanta that turned into nine hours of car riding fun thanks to rain and accidents. Lulu was screaming and crying, while Gracie and CC begged to get out of the car. This was our first real road trip. Nine hours with five us trapped in one car was not a pleasant experience, but the thought of snow kept the kids motivated to get to our destination.

Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Logo

Stone Mountain Logo

Minutes from downtown Atlanta,  Snow Mountain is the official destination for snow-packed family fun.

My kids couldn’t contain their excitement! The whole drive there they chanted Snow Mountain, Snow Mountain! I never thought the idea of seeing snow could be so exciting.

The day we went it was unseasonably warm, but that was fine by me. When you purchase the Stone Mountain Christmas Combo Pass you are given a two-hour allotted time to ride the tubing adventures of Snow Mountain. Lulu was too little to go on the big adventures of the 400-foot hill in the family sized and single rider tubes, but she was thrilled to play in the snow and ride the mini rides for little ones.

The snow was slippery and she took a few tumbles as did Gracie and Cayden. Because it is man-made snow, it is a bit more icy in texture. You will definitely want to bring a change of shoes and socks for everyone. Your feet will be soaked and frozen by the end of your adventure. All three kids changed their pants after their time in the snow and Lulu had a completely new outfit to put on. She was wet from rolling around on Snow Mountain. All three enjoyed their time sloshing around in the snow and rushing down the hills in their tubs.

Eating snow at Stone Mountain

Don’t worry, she didn’t actually eat any snow.

CC Tubing

He loved the speed going down the hills.

Gracie Tubing

I had to drag her tube to the top of the mountain for her, but Gracie loved every minute of it.

Lulu Tubing

The mini sized slopes are perfect for little ones to enjoy their day at Snow Mountain.

Snowball Toss

He never misses out on a change to practice his pitching.


Gracie finished the snowman Lulu and JD started.



Stone Mountain

After our time was up at Snow Mountain we changed out of our wet gear and headed up Stone Mountain. There are two options for getting to the top of the mountain: You can either take the hike up which is a little over one mile or ride the gondola to the top. We took the gondola because we had the diaper bag and no way to really carry Lulu up to the top.

The moment we made it to the top and my kids stepped foot onto the hard ground of the mountain they were off and running. It was like herded animals let out of the fence for the first time. I love being outside! Growing up in Colorado I spent as much time as possible in the great outdoors. It’s one of the things I really miss living in Florida. I love hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and all of natures wonderful activities.

Every kid on the mountain was running and climbing and jumping and enjoying being free. It was rewarding to see. We all need to take a moment and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s good for our bodies and nourishing for our souls. I loved seeing all of the kids breathing in fresh air and not having their faces buried in their electronics. Gracie and CC begged me to take them to Colorado and it’s on our to- do list. I want to take the kids to Hawaii and hike the volcanos and surf in the ocean one day.

We had a great time at Stone Mountain. It helped my family get in touch with nature and we had a great time making memories. 

Stone Mountain Train

The official Stone Mountain Train.

Climbing Fun

Lulu loved climbing on Stone Mountain. JD was always right behind her.

Mama and Babies on Mountain

JD was able to capture a rare moment of me with all three of my babies.

Mama and CC

CC is getting so big! It won’t be long until he’s taller than his mama.

Is there a favorite winter activity you enjoy?

Are you a lover of the great outdoors?


  • Kelly says:

    Aaaw, love the pics, you guys look gorgeous 🙂 Snow Mountain and Stone Mountain sounds amazing! I love tubing and the kids looked like they had a blast! We used to love going skiing but haven’t gone since having the kiddos. Hopefully one day again when they get older. So glad you guys had a great time on your first road trip 🙂

    • Chastity says:

      I’ve never been skiing, but would love to try someday. Our road trip was the longest 9 hours one way of our lives! Lulu despises being in her carseat now. xo

  • Mrs. AOK says:

    What a treat, it was so nice to see you and your family, everyone looks incredibly HAPPY! I’m happy you and your family had the chance to enjoy each other’s company in the snow 🙂 Now, I want to go to Snow Mountain, I know my MidWest babies would love it, they are missing snow.
    We thought we would be outdoors more here, but that is NOT the case, it’s insanely hot & humid here in the summer 🙁

    • Chastity says:

      I don’t venture much outside here unless it’s to a pool or the beach. The humidity is way too much and now we have a super damp cold that is miserable. Can’t win! xo

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