How-To Get ‘Me Time’ as a Mom

How-To Get 'Me Time' as a Mom


Hello, Sunshine! Oh my goodness, how is it already July? I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year.  Summertime is extra busy for me. I have all three kids home with me – all day long. All of their camps are over with and now they only have swim team practice in the evenings. I sneak a quick workout in the morning, run errands, and then conquer my work tasks. There’s never a dull moment, but I’m always excited for a little me time, especially when it includes Wente Wine.

Mothers work hard. We’re responsible for little people who need us, jobs that can be demanding of us, and spouses who need love from us. Often, we forget about ourselves. I know how it can feel selfish to dedicate yourself to some much needed me time, but it’s important to unwind so that we can be better moms, spouses, and people overall. Here’s how I unwind and get back to being me.

Wake-Up Early

So this is actually difficult for me. I’m not a morning person – at all. I prefer to get all the sleep I possibly can, but I’ve discovered how much I appreciate the few minutes I have to myself in the morning to sit and drink my coffee alone with my dog. I sit in silence and reflect on that day is going to be great. As a mother of three, silence is golden.


I would love to find an adult ballet class to attend. I’m a classically trained ballerina with over 20 years of dance experience. Apparently, the cutoff age here is 18. I know that I’m not a teenager, but I can still dance.

For now, I attend yoga, Pilates, and barre classes. I complete HIIT workouts at home. I also lift heavy weights at the YMCA. I always feel like a new person after a good workout. I also really like the soreness I feel the next day.

Run Errands Solo

Confession: There are times that I need to leave the kids with JD and run errands alone. Grocery shopping with three kids is both expensive and a headache. They want everything in the store and argue over who gets to pick what.

There’s something magical about long, solo, trips strolling through Target. My Target is a Super Target so that makes my alone trips extra long and extra enjoyable. Sure, I don’t need a new printer, but it doesn’t hurt to stop and learn about the latest and greatest ones on the market.

Sing Your Heart Out

How-To Get 'Me Time' as a Mom with Wente Wine

My dream in life has always been to live in Nashville. I may not have accomplished that goal yet, but I pretend to through music and concerts. Nashville is known as Music City, so I crank up the music at home when I’m cleaning, cooking, and working.

I go to every concert I possibly can. I wouldn’t pass up a concert, even if I didn’t know the group. On my next trip to Nashville, I want to go to the bars where songwriters are trying to get their music out. I love Broadway, but to hear original music would be awesome!

JD and I love hearing live music wherever we go. I’m not sure if he sings along, but I sing my heart out. I’m usually voiceless the next day, but it’s worth it.

Unwind With Wente Wines

How-To Get 'Me Time' as a Mom with Wente Wine

Speaking of music, Karl D. Wente, 5th Generation Winegrower for  Wente Vineyards, makes time for music and wine.  This summer, The Wente Vineyards will be hosting concerts at the Wente Vineyards. They have music from various genres and something for everyone. Learn more about Make time for Music movement here .

I enjoy my Wente Cabernet Sauvignon with a perfectly prepared NY Strip. The Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with richly cuts of meat because it’s a full-bodied wine.

After your first sip of Wente wine, you will understand why the Wente family says, “We don’t make wine because we have to, we do it because we love to.”

How-To Get 'Me Time' as a Mom with Wente Wine

Go ahead, it’s ok to have ‘Me Time’ as a Mom with Wente Wine. We do it all and it’s good to reward ourselves with things we enjoy.

How do you unwind?

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