Must Have Road Trip Protein Snack

Must Have Road Trip Protein Snack with Lorissa’s Kitchen

Hello, Sunshine! How’s your summer going so far? Have you and your family been on or planning any vacations? We’re getting ready to head to Jacksonville to spend time with my family and leave Sophie with my parents for a few days while we go on a cruise. We thought about boarding her but ultimately decided that she would be heartbroken and scared to be left alone.

So before we get ready for our road trip, there are a few must haves we always have in our car before we drive away.

Road Trip Must Haves


Lorissa's Kitchen Must Have Road Trip Protein Snack

Ok, I know sunglasses sounds silly, but there have been times when I’ve forgotten my sunglasses and I’ve been miserable. It’s nearly impossible for me to drive without my sunnies. I can’t see very well outside without my sunglasses either. I’d have more success trying to get around with eye closed.


We always have music playing in the background. Both of my girls are dancers and CC has been learning how to play the guitar. Unfortunately, we always run into a road delay when we’re driving. So what’s the best way to pass the time when we’re stuck? Belting out 90s power ballads of course!

Pillows and Blankets

It may be in the high 90s during the day, but both of my girls insist on bringing their mermaid tails everywhere with them. CC and I are pillow fans. I’ve never been able to fall asleep in the car without my trusty pillow.

Snacks Featuring Lorissa’s Kitchen

Lorissa's Kitchen Must Have Road Trip Protein Snack

Mom, I’m hungry! Do anyone else’s children cry that as soon as they get in the car? There must be a magic spell that I’m unaware of. I pack a health snack pack on our road trips. I usually pack water, fruit, nuts, and my latest addition is Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks. I love adding a protein snack to our travel bag. The protein keeps everyone’s belly’s fuller longer and I like that I’m not filling my family up with sugary junk.

Lorissa’s Kitchen comes in four different flavors and three different protein types.  These grab-and-go snacks are:

• 100% grass-fed beef
• Responsibly raised
• Antibiotic free chicken and pork
• 11 grams of protein per serving
• No added growth hormones
• No nitrites
• No added MSG
• No preservatives
• Gluten free

Lorissa's Kitchen Must Have Road Trip Protein Snack

Lorissa's Kitchen Must Have Road Trip Protein Snack

My two favorites are the Sweet Chilli Pork and Ginger Teriyaki Chicken meat snacks. JD really liked the kick of the Szechuan Peppercorn steak strips. Your entire family will love Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks! They’re super tasty, filling, and a healthier option to snack on during your road trip!

Have you tried Lorissa’s Kitchen?

Which flavor would you like to try first?



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