How To Conquer Your Food Cravings and Heal Your Body {Hint: It’s Just 2 Words}

How To Conquer Your Food Cravings and Heal Your Body {Hint: It’s Just 2 Words}

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Before and After in My Right-Sized Body

Why You Should Join Bright Line Eating - A Success Story

Before Bright Line Eating

This picture of me was taken 2 1/2 years ago…since then I lost my 42 lbs. and have easily kept it off for 2 years.

Plus, health-wise, I totally cured my excruciatingly painful jaw neuralgia, knee arthritis, monthly diverticulitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, shortness of breath, insomnia, headaches and high blood sugar. ?

Before Bright Line Eating

Today I am pain-free, take no medication and easily stay in my right-sized body. I also lovingly help support and coach thousands of people who have done the exact same thing.

Hard to believe? Nope!

After Bright Line Eating

Take the Quiz!

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that diets don’t work.

This is probably not news to you.

No matter what weight loss program is studied, the results are always the same: on average, in the first 6 months, people lose 10-15 pounds, then their weight loss stalls for a bit, and then they start gaining the weight back.

There are always a few individuals who show some success with a program here and there, but on average, there is not a single program that shows sustained success in a cohort of participants.

That’s always been true…up until now.

Three years ago, a groundbreaking new program was created by a professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Her expertise is in the neuroscience of food addiction, and she herself is in the top .01% of successful weight loss maintainers. She was overweight in her teens and obese by her twenties, and today she is blissfully slender…and she’s been slender for more than 14 years.

In the past 4 years, more than 25,000 people have joined her program from 105 countries around the world, and the results are jaw-dropping. On average, people lose 3 times more weight in her 8-week program than the typical results from any other available diet.

But what’s more shocking is that they keep it off.

This scientist has thousands of people participating in an ongoing follow-up study, and 84% of them do not regain their weight—not a single pound.

What’s more, of the people who joined her program with type 2 diabetes, 72% were able to decrease or eliminate their medications for the disease. In just 8 weeks.

Of the people who joined her program with heart disease, 59% decreased or eliminated their medications.

And the improvements are not limited to physical health. Of those who joined her program with clinical depression, 48% were able to decrease or stop their medications entirely. Similar benefits have been seen for a variety of mental health conditions.

And What’s the Difference?

What gives this program the “stick” factor that allows it to be successful over the long term?

The difference is these people have been following a system that’s customized to how their brain works.

They started their journey by learning one crucial piece of information about how their brain is wired. They took a 30-second quiz with only 5 questions, and the rest is history.

This little piece of information may very well be the gamechanger that alters the course of the obesity epidemic forever.

I personally know the scientist. She’s a good friend. I know this all sounds radical, but I can passionately vouch for these results. They blow me away, and they’ll blow you away, too.

I personally want to invite you to take the quiz, find out how your brain is wired to respond to food, and watch the video explaining how you can use this information to live happy, thin, and free.

Click here to take the quiz now.

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P.S. – The first scientific presentation of these results took place last April during the Energy Balance, Macronutrients, and Weight Management session at the Experimental Biology Conference in Chicago. The first paper is currently pending publication in an academic journal. Millions have yet to benefit from the program, but if you want to be among the first to learn how your brain has been blocking you from losing weight.


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