Better Gut Health with LoveBug Probiotics

Better Gut Health with LoveBug Probiotics

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Hello, Sunshine! I’m always on the search for ways to better my health. Boosting my metabolism is something that I’m constantly working on. I eat a healthy and honestly, really boring diet. I avoid gluten as much as possible and don’t snack on any yummy treats. I know that I have a major calorie deficit. I’m actually working on adding more protein to my diet. If I don’t eat enough protein, I’m starving all day.

Better Gut Health

Probiotics are one way to improve your gut health. I’ve been taking LoveBug Here’s the Skinny probiotic for a week now. I’ve noticed less bloating from all of the veggies I eat, so that’s good! Here’s the Skinny is 25x more effective than capsules, has 10 billion CFU per tablet, contains 8 strains of probiotics and is gluten-free with no allergens.

LoveBug Cold Suck Probiotics is a good option with school starting back up. Colds are pretty much a guarantee this time of year. Colds Suck is enhanced with vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea. This combined with 4 strains of probiotics will help you kick you and your family’s colds to the curb.

LoveBug Probiotics

Do you use probiotics?

What are your tips for better gut health?


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