Who Says You Have to Spend A Lot?


We’re diehard Target fans. What can’t you get at your local Target store? And Super Target? It has really great

organic meats, natural cereals and all the various Target brands of food are really tasty. Have you tired the Archer Farms Wild Mushroom Risotto? Delicious.

Times are tough for just about everyone. Your old handbag may be hanging on by a thread, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on an expensive tote when there are other necessities you have to purchase. We found this cute, everyday tote at Target.com. The Danica Bonsai Elisa Tote is priced for the budget friendly girl at $39.99.

At $39.99 and the cute bonsai print on the tote, we knew it had to be This Week’s Handbag. The tote is available for bullseye free shipping with qualifying purchase. See target.com for details.

Great finds at great prices, that’s one reason we love Target.


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