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Wow! What a heavy, bright jar I thought as I opened my package from Future Face. The black and green jars are very eye-catching and the smell is enticing once opened. The scent reminded me of an Aveda or Origins store; very botanical and clean smelling.

imageI began using my Milk Cleanser that night. I was impressed. My eyeliner, mascara, foundation and blush magically disappeared. I didn’t have to scrub or reapply the cleanser to remove any residue or leftover make-up. We all know the difficulty in removing mascara and eyeliner. It either doesn’t come off and the next day you awake with raccoon eyes, which is super sexy, or you have to rub your eyelids off, loose a few eyelashes and you end-up with soap your eyes. Can you feel the burn?

Once I was finished cleansing my face and patted it dry, I decided to look in the mirror. My mascara was gone and my eyelashes were intact. I was impressed. My skin was super soft and clean too!

The next day, I noticed shine in my t-zone but didn’t think anything of it. I used my Milk Cleanser to wash my face and went about my day.  When I made it home at the end of the day, I checked the mirror and noticed the shine again. My face was still clean and soft, but it looked a little oily. I used the Milk Cleanser again that night and viola! My make-imageup came off easily and my skin was radiant.

I’ve been using my Milk Cleanser for a week now. Every morning I awake with clean, soft skin and every night, my day easily washes away. I love that the Milk Cleanser is a part of Future Face’s Green Collection.

Future Face’s Green Collection includes five products offering a healthy, natural alternative to other skincare products on the market. These products are organic and biologically clean. This is important to me and my journey into a clean, natural, healthy lifestyle.

I feel good and so does my skin when I use natural products. The only negative I have concerning the Milk Cleanser, is its ability to control shine throughout the day. I live in Florida with high humidity and I have combination skin. Not the best mix when it comes to combating oily, t-zone shine.

I do enjoy and plan to continue using the Milk Cleanser as my nighttime facial cleanser. It really does a magnificent job of removing make-up and the toxins your face has built-up throughout the day. Your skin is velvety soft and glowing after using the Milk Cleanser.

For more information, visit Future Face’s website. I’m sure you’ll love your beautiful skin.

Disclaimer – My Rays of Sunshine was asked to review products in the Future Face Green Collection. We were given the Milk Cleanser and Hydrating Body Milk and asked to give our honest opinion regarding these products. We were not compensated monetarily but we were given these products to review. Thanks.

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