5 Potty Training Tips With Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy

Hello, Sunshine! I can’t believe I’m already beginning to potty train Lulu! It seems like yesterday she was born and now I’m buying pull-ups for her. This is my third ride on the merry-go-round that is potty training. I’ve tried many potty training methods and they all resulted in a crying toddler and mama. Let’s be honest, potty training can be frustrating for both parents and toddlers. So, I’d like to offer my 5 potty training tips for your toddler along with help from Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy.

Doc McStuffins Potty Training With Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy

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1. Be Realistic

I’m so over buying diapers. It’s a major hit in the budget every month, but just because I’m finished with diapers doesn’t mean Lulu is.  Look for cues from your toddler letting you know that she’s ready to begin potty training. In Lulu’s case, she’s always pulling off her diaper if she’s used it. She’s also very aware if she needs to go potty.  Your toddler should be able to tell you if she needs to poop or pee and what the potty is for. At Lulu’s 18-month-old check-up I consulted with her pediatrician about potty training and he gave me the green light to proceed.

2. Lead by Example

Every time you use the restroom, have your toddler use her potty too!  We have a kid potty in all of the bathrooms in our house. When mama or dada goes to the restroom, we take Lulu and put her on the potty. She may not go potty, but we are enforcing the behavior of where bodily waste goes. Every time you take your toddler to the restroom with you is an opportunity to teach your toddler proper hygiene. It’s important to teach your child the correct way to clean herself as well as washing her hands after she has used the potty. Your toddler will pick up on your bathroom habits and that which leads me to. . .

3. Practice Makes Perfect

After a meal or when your child finishes a drink, take them to the potty. By consistently placing your child on the potty, you’re training them to empty their bladder or bowels in the correct place. If you see your child making a potty in her training pants, grab her and place her on the potty.  Also, if your toddler poops in her pants walk with her to the potty and flush the poop away. Tell her that poop and pee belong in the potty and not her pants.

4. Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

Even if your child runs and just sits on the potty, clap and make a big deal out of it. I know some parents like to reward their kids with candy or sticker charts. I didn’t bribe CC or Gracie with candy, but I tried the sticker chart with CC and it didn’t work. For my older two by simply making a bid deal when he or she peed or pooped in the potty was all they needed to potty train. I would jump up and down, dance, sing and give a giant hug and kiss for a successful potty attempt. After a few happy shows from me, CC and Gracie would use the potty by themselves and do the happy dance for themselves. Positive reinforcement works wonders on my kids.

5. Have Fun

Because potty training can be frustrating for both toddler and parents, try not to stress over it. Have your toddler pick a potty or two she likes. Allow her to sit on it in the toy room, read a book on it or even watch a movie while sitting on it. I purchased the dvd Potty Power  for CC when he started potty training. All three kids have watched it and love it! Potty power has really catchy songs that the kids enjoy. It’s full of fun and encouraging information for your toddler. If you’re stressed out while potty training, your child will easily become frustrated with it.

Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy

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Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy

So, what is Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy? Pull-ups wants to help make potty training a positive, fun experience for you and your toddler. The Big Kid academy offers a guide with tips for handling setbacks, learning tools, ways to stay motivated, offers and of course, a lot of Disney fun! When you sign-up and join the Big Kid Academy, a personalized pull-ups page is customized for your child’s specific point in her potty training adventure. Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy is a fun, informative and interactive way for your child to begin her potty training journey.

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Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy

Remember, potty training doesn’t happen magically and it will take time for your toddler to stay dry overnight. By being an encouraging parent and consistently using the potty, you will have happy a potty trained toddler when the time is right!

What Potty Training Tips Do You Have?

Have You Tried An Online Program Like Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy. All opinions expressed are my own.


  • Kelly says:

    Absolutely loved this post Chastity! Lulu is just so gorgeous and adorable in her pull ups. Loved all your tips and totally agree with what you said. With my son, we just waited for signs to show he was ready and we still don’t have the night time routine down yet but we know that it will take some time and we are okay with that 🙂 It will be a whole new adventure again once our youngest is ready to go through this and I will am definitely going to check out the Pull Ups Big Kid Academy 🙂

    • Chastity says:

      Thank you, Kelly. I want Lulu to be comfortable and confident with using the potty. There’s no need to make it a stressful situation.

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