Finding a Family Friendly Sectional Couch

Hello, Sunshine! It’s been so exciting to have a home we can decorate and make our own. For the past few years all of my pictures and decorations have been packed away in boxes in my garage. We had two strong and sturdy couches that have been well-loved by our family, but the brown leather has slowly began to peel away after years of moving. I’ve been searching for the perfect gray sectional. I really wanted a gray leather one, but the price tag for the ones I liked were way out of our budget. I’ve saved forever for a couch and was determined to not buy on a credit card.

Cindy Crawford Metropolis Slate Sectional


Cindy Crawford Metropolis Slate Sectional Couch

Photo: Rooms 2 Go

I had the not so brilliant idea of taking all three of kids sofa shopping. They became bored quickly and the temptation to try out every single item in all of the furniture stores was way too tempting for them. Next time, I’ll probably go alone and save an hour at each store.

Because Rooms-2-Go is always having a sale, we went there on one of our initial shopping trips. I liked the family friendliness of the Cindy Crawford Metropolis Slate Sectional Couch, but there was a couple laying on the couch when we were in the store. The kids and I awkwardly tried to check it out, but it was so uncomfortable with the sprawled out couple. They didn’t budge a bit when we were trying to look. We left the store without a good idea of what the sectional had to offer.

Ashley Furniture Kittredge Sectional

Ashley Furniture Kittredge Sectional Couch

Photo: Ashley Furniture

Every time I go into Ashley furniture, I always have the same sales guy who follows me around in the store. Every single time, friends. Sir, let me look. I promise if I find something I like I’ll inform you. I have a dining room table from Ashley’s that I adore and they have a good selection of modern and affordable furniture.

I looked online before we walked into the store hoping to speed up the experience for the kids. I really liked the contemporary look of Ashley’s Kittredge Sectional. The gray had nice contrast between light and dark, but I wasn’t sure if the fabric was soft enough. I found this on their website for $1350, but when we went into the store, the larger sized sectional was no longer listed and just the smaller one was available. There went my negotiation leverage.

CC’s expression sums up kid’s opinions of furniture shopping.

Ashley Kittredge Sectional Couch

Haverty’s Cory Sectional 

Haverty's Cory Sectional Couch

Haverty’s was our final stop on the sectional sofa tour. I initially didn’t want to go into the store because their prices are slightly more expensive than the other stores that I visited, but we decided to give it a shot. Haverty’s sofas are available in a variety of colors. I knew that gray was the color I wanted, leather or not, so I was excited to have several options to choose from. I liked three different sofas at Haverty’s and the charcoal gray of the Cory won me over.

Haverty's Cory Sectional

CC, Gracie and Lulu were so excited to be finished with this experience! While I was checking out, I watched Gracie try to sell Lulu a table, mattress and chair. Gracie has sales skills.

I love our new Cory sectional! It’s so comfortable and fits perfectly in our living room.

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Do you go to several stores when shopping for furniture or do you research it before you go?

Are you a couch and love seat kind of person or do you like sectional sofas?


  • Kelly says:

    I love the couch you got, Chastity! We have been looking for a sectional too and that one would be perfect! The color is so nice too and it looks so comfy!

  • maria says:

    hello, do you know the dimensions on the Kittredge Sectional?

    • Chastity says:

      Unfortunately, I do not know. It is not a really large sectional. I hope that helps!

  • Bethany says:

    How has the Cory held up for you? I’m considering one mainly because it seems like it would be easy to clean. Please let me know if you have any opinions!

    • Chastity says:

      Hi Bethany! It’s held up really well for us. I have the gray Cory, but I don’t allow anyone to eat or drink on it. I vacuum it without any issues. I didn’t buy the extended warranty or stain protector. (I never do). The pillows shed feathers and can be annoying, but our whole family loves this couch. When we move again, it will end up being the couch that goes in the kid’s loft because it’s held up really well and the one they have now is peeling. I have no complaints and would still recommend it. It’s been the best sofa we’ve ever purchased.

      • Bethany says:

        Thanks so much for updating me!

  • Meika says:

    Hi, I was wondering when you originally posted this and how it’s holding up now in 2019? Also did you get the cuddler feature or the chase and what do you think of the layout you got/ how does it work for your family? H

    We’re planning on buying the Norfolk tomorrow it’s basically the same thing I believe it’s just a teeny tiney bit lbigger and has a weird geometric pattern on the fabric.

    • Chastity says:

      It’s holding up very well! We didn’t get the cuddler, but I wish we would have. It’s still super comfortable and would buy it again. I hope you enjoy your new Norfolk!

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