To Meat or Not to Meat?

Two weeks ago, my husband decided he was no longer consuming cow, chicken or turkey. Why? He said he needed more brain food.

Okay, no hamburgers or steak. I was heartbroken. I’m from the wild west where we eat our New York Strips and are damn proud of it.  But, being the supporting, loving wife that I am, I decided to sacrifice eating red meat.

When I was younger and gave up red meat, I became really sick and thin. Now that I am older, who knows? I still need to loose baby weight, so I am willing to give red meat again.

Then I discovered he was not consuming milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs or any dairy products. Coming from a man who lived on cheese I was shocked.

Shocked I tell you.

We’ve been drinking soy milk for two weeks. The smell gags me and I don’t think it has any taste.

I will not give up cheese, yogurt, turkey or chicken. I need some meat and substance when I eat. Thankfully, fish and seafood remain on the menu.

I love veggies! But eating a majority of vegetables leaves my tummy grumbling for more.

Kettle potato chips… here I come. Mama needs to eat.

This diet is leaving me exhausted and starving. I  have a never ending headache and snap at any and every thing. My honey says my body is detoxing. I think I’m being tortured.

I am a competitor and never quit. Maybe my body is getting used to this. If this diet is better for my brain and body, I will keep on it.




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