The Next Chapter


Today my little man started school. It’s only preschool, but it is still hard to grasp.

I have friends who are thrilled their kids are gone to school. I know older adults who couldn’t get their kids out the door fast enough when the new school year began. Growing-up I remember my mom telling me how back-to-school time was her least favorite time of year. I couldn’t figure out why. I thought it was just terrible for my sister and I.

Now I get it. My mom was right. I’ve cried for months at the thought of my little boy going to school. What would my days be like without him? We’ve never been apart.

I made sure I would be a stay-at-home mom. Nothing was more important to me than being at home and a great mother to my children. Growing-up I witnessed the difference between my friends who had moms-at-home and those who came home to an empty house. I could tell the difference between my friend who rode to school on a bus and others who chatted with her mom on the way to school.

As I cried in the shower, I knew I had to bite my lip and put on a smile. It was his big day to make new friends. I made his lunch and got him dressed in his first day of school outfit. He looked so handsome. We all piled in the car and took to him school. I made it without any tears in front of him.

Half-a-day later, school was over. His baby sister and I were so excited to see him. He made new friends, colored with markers and played instruments. All-in-all, a great day. My little man is grown-up now. I will make sure he gets the best education possible. And that begins at home.

My morning was pretty great too! I had tea parties with my baby girl, Belle and Eeyore.

I am so blessed to have two healthy, happy, beautiful children. I’ve kept baby books, scrapbooks and photo albums of my babies but I wish I would have kept a handwritten journal. There is nothing like reading the words someone took the time to write with a pen and paper. It is so much more personal and real. So I’ve started one to pass on to my children. I hope they will appreciate it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

My husband realized how fast his little boy grew-up. He said, “they don’t stay little long.” How true. One of my favorite songs is Never Gonna Feel Like That Way Again by Kenny Chesney. The ending is my favorite part:

It’s my life and it’s sure fun
Another season of my life has begun
Another race I’m glad I get to run
Another chapter of my life I’m writin
No I’m never gonna feel like this again
Times rushin by me like the wind
Gotta grab each moment that I can
Cuz I’m never gonna feel like this again

My conclusion of my son’s first day of school. Grab each moment, you will never feel like that again. First Annual “Back to the Dorm Special” Get 15% OFF your purchase of dorm safes, pepper sprays, personal alarms and more.


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