My Little Ring Bearer

My husband and I waited with both of our children until their births to find out their genders. We proudly displayed the ultrasounds of our unborn babies on our refrigerator. We would lovingly look at their silhouettes every time we’d grab something to eat or drink out of the fridge. We couldn’t wait for the day when we would meet our little bundles of joy!

Congratulations, it’s a boy!

Congratulations, it’s a girl!

My children’s birth days will forever be etched in my mind. The moment I first laid eyes on and held my newborn children were filled with so much joy, love and amazement. I gazed at their innocent faces and delicate features awestruck such beautiful, healthy babies were mine.

And now that I’m a mom, I try to look at life and the world around me through the eyes of my children. I witness and feel the excitement of seeing the king of the jungle for the first time at the Miami Zoo. Or see the fear in their eyes as an Orinoco crocodile raises his head out of the water at the Amazon and Beyond’s Flooded Forest. Thankfully, we’ve only seen a crocodile at the zoo and not in our backyard!

But perhaps my favorite sight in Miami was that of my then 4-year-old son as a ring bearer in a sunset wedding ceremony at ONE Bal Harbour Resort. The refreshing rainfall had just ceased on that beautiful early fall evening when the wedding procession began. The sky was a glorious shade of orange with streams of pink, yellow and blue magically woven within the big orange sky. My handsome husband walked down the aisle followed by my father-in-law and adorable, handsome son. His spiked golden hair glistened in the sunset and his mischievous smile made everyone laugh. He was and always will be the most handsome ring bearer!

The beautiful starry beach was our backdrop during the reception at Mister Collins located at ONE Bal Harbour. My son was so full of life and energy that he danced the night away. He could be found in the middle of dance circles busting moves that would put any break dancer to shame.

He made sure he had a night to remember. After dancing and singing his heart out to the music, he passed out in a corner booth in his grandfather’s lap with his tuxedo jacket as his blanket. Every guest stopped by and commented on what a handsome, sweet little boy he was.

And now that sweet little 4-year-old is my big Kindergartner.  I am still determined to see the world through my children’s eyes.  The world is such a beautiful, wonderful, amazing place if we just take a moment to drink in the sights that surround us.

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  • Myrrtle says:

    I want to be a mother someday and I am sure a lot of people would be very excited to be a mom too and see their kids grow up..

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