Modified Charlie Hunnam Workout for Women

Charline Hunnam Workout for Women

Hello, Sunshine! It’s getting closer to that time of year when our bellies will be full of delicious treats from parties and family gatherings. Making time to stay in shape is important not only for your physical well-being, but for your mental health too. Son’s of Anarchy star, Charlie Hunnam, recently shared with Men’s Health what his future plans are, why he turned down 50 Shades of Grey and his daily workout. I’m going to confess that I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey or really watched Son’s of Anarchy so I was really interested in what is workout is. I really want to gain muscle so I decided to make an adaptation of the Charlie Hunnam workout for women.

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Charlie’s One Hour Workout

Hunnam doesn’t spend a lot of time in the gym to stay in shape or build muscle. His one hour workout consists of:

75 pull-ups
75 dips
150 squats
150 pushups
20 minutes of ab work

That’s a simple and efficient workout that almost anyone can do.

Modification for Women

Because women don’t naturally have the same upper body strength as men do, I’ve modified the workout for us ladies. Too often women try to get in bikini shape when it’s too late! Let’s be honest, we should be working our muscles all year round to be bikini ready no matter the season. Click on each exercise to learn more about each move and see examples of how to correctly perform them.

75 Lat Pullovers

Lats are the main muscles used in pull-ups,  so if you can’t do 75 pull-ups try 75 pullovers.

75 Tricep Dips

Firm up the back of your arms with tricep dips.

150 Sqauts

We all want a nice perky bum, right? Try a variety of squats to firm your thighs and bum. I like to do sumo squats, split squats and jumping squats. 

100 Pushups

Push ups can be really tedious. Adding a few modifications can make pushups a less daunting task. Try adding pike pushups,  dumbbell t-pushup, to your regular ol’ pushup routine.

20 Minutes of Abs

Youtube is full of great ab workouts you can do at home. Jillian Michaels has a great one and Body Rock has a lot of ab workouts you can try.


If you’re just starting out, try to do as many reps as you can until failure. Don’t give-up quickly and really push yourself. Be sure to get the approval of your doctor before you begin a workout routine.

Let’s take care of ourselves now instead of waiting until the new year to get in shape!

Ladies, is this a routine you’d be interested in trying?

Charline Hunnam Workout for Women



  • Mrs. AOK says:

    Thank you, for sharing this!! I’m going to try this with my honey šŸ˜‰
    We’re both trying to be hotties, well he is already a hottie in my book, but we could tighten up.
    Pinning this!!

    • Chastity says:

      I hope you like this is a simple and quick workout. And you look fabulous! xoxo

  • Kelly says:

    Love that you are sharing a modified version for women. I would love to gain some more muscle so definitely need to try a few of these. Hope you had a great weekend so far šŸ™‚

    • Chastity says:

      Muscle is good! šŸ˜‰ I hope you’re having a great week, Kelly!

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