Errand Running in ModCloth Style

As a busy working mother, it is important for me wear clothes that are professional and appropriate for my age. I also want my clothes to be comfortable enough for me to run the kids to school and their activities.

I am fortunate enough to work for myself and I can wear pretty much whatever I want, but I need to dress as a serious young professional. I love a beautifully tailored suit, but living in Florida, suits are worn on a rare occasion.

I LOVE a great fitting dress! I feel beautiful and feminine in dresses. Dashing in and out of cars, meeting with clients and surviving the humidity is quite easy when I am wearing one of my favorite dresses.

I was looking for a fall-ish, but still humid friendly dress when I found this cute Bea Dot travel dress from ModCloth. ModCloth offers really great prints and options in clothing, accessories and shoes. ModCloth is truly a one stop site for unique pieces!


ModCloth is also offering extra credit in their Share The Love & Earn Extra Credit referral program. From now until Wednesday, October 2nd, ModCloth is giving extra credit of $20, instead of the usual $15 for every new customer you send their way!

What is your favorite thing go to item of clothing?




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