Little Dancing Diva

Dancer’s are the athletes of God – Albert Einstein


My 1-year-old daughter is girl after my own heart. I was a ballerina for over 20 years.

She hears music and the dancing begins. The huge smile and pure happiness in her movements spark my soul.

My four-year-old son can’t help but join in. They twirl round and round until one falls to the ground.

Rides in the family car are filled with giggles. The two car seats are bouncing to their lively dancing. I can’t help but smile as I listen to their laughter and singing to the songs on the radio.

Little Miss Diva is a natural. Today she was sleeping in her car seat when Usher’s OMG came on. Her little legs were bouncing along to the beat. Gotta love it!

I wake-up everyday looking forward to the joy my Little Dancing Diva brings to my life.




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