Enjoy the Sunshine With Starbucks

Thank you Starbucks for sponsoring today’s conversation.

Hello, Sunshine! Are you ready for summer? My kids still have two weeks of school left, but they’re more than ready to be finished with it. CC has baseball and basketball camps that he’ll be attending and Gracie is excited for dance and basketball camp. Lulu is still hanging strong with me. With plenty of places to go and things to do, one thing I’ll always have with me is a Starbucks drink or two!

Starbucks Iced Black Coffee

I love our beautiful outdoor malls we have. It’s so nice to walk around and shop while getting some much needed vitamin D. Lulu and I usually go shopping after we drop the older kids off at school. It’s not as hot or crowded when we go.

On our last shopping trip, I brought with me Starbucks Iced Black Coffee. It’s a medium roast coffee that you can buy either sweetened or unsweetened. When it comes to black coffee I prefer it sweetened, while JD will drink it unsweetened. Starbucks Iced Black Coffee is perfect for hot summer days spent outside with friends, relaxing at the beach or of course, shopping!

Starbucks Iced Black Coffee


Tazo Chai Tea

My momma and JD are the chai tea fans in my family. My momma likes to order them whenever go to Starbucks for a nighttime run. JD keeps a box of Tazo Chai box at work as a little afternoon reward. My favorite thing about Tazo Chai, is that it’s a creamy black tea. It blends cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla flavor into a warm hug. Tazo Chai  is available in your favorite grocery stores and is really yummy iced too!

Starbucks 2


Starbucks sent me Padma Lakshmi Cinnamon spice cookies recipe to recreate. Oh my goodness, her cinnamon spice cookies are so yummy! I surprised the kids one day and made the cookies for them and left them waiting at the front door for them when they got home from school. There wasn’t a cookie left on the plate! You should bake Padma’s cookies as the perfect compliment to your Tazo Chai Tea. They’re kid approved too!

Enjoy the Sunshine With Starbucks


What’s your favorite warmer weather Starbucks drink? 

Have you tried Starbucks Iced Black Coffee or Tazo Chai Tea?


Enjoy the Sunshine With Starbucks


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