Embracing the Mess

“Walking through my house at night to get to Bryn’s room should be considered an Olympic Sport!”

When I woke-up Monday morning I saw this as a friend of mine’s status on facebook.  It shouldn’t have made me smile, but it did. I was relieved to know it wasn’t only me. Here are some of the other comments left:

“Ha, ha. I know that all too well.”

“Yay, it’s not just my house.”

“I hear ya!”

I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing off walls and dodging toys! Last night I tripped over a Tangled Doll!”

“You should try to walk around in David’s room, LEGO’s everywhere! I think it gets worse every year…”

“I stepped straight from a tiny japanese action figure onto a monster truck last night. Sometimes I feel like the toys are alive and trying to get me.”

I’ll admit the toy tornado in my house drives my CRAZY. My husband always tells me to embrace the mess. Grrrr.

I let out a sigh of relief every time the mess is gone and I’m not performing gymnastics and contortions on a daily basis to get from one room to another. And because we’re moving, the house is a bigger mess than usual.

I’ve spent time checking out toy organization ideas on Pinterest and home décor websites. I now have some great clutter organization ideas for our new house, but I’m thrilled to know I’m not the only one out there fighting toy tornados.



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