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Hello, Sunshine! I can’t believe it’s October?! Oh my gosh, I don’t think September existed at all! We were super busy in September and now I’m ready for the awesomeness that’s October!

OddBall Comedy Tour

JD and I finally had a date night. It was the first one we’ve had in at least a year and we went to Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy Tour. Our kids spent the night at their grandparents. This was the very first time I’ve been away from Lulu. She’s my little snuggle bug and I was worried if she’d survive the night. All three kids did great! There’s something magical about being away from your parents that puts your kids on good behavior.

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One boring Saturday night in September, JD stumbled upon Aziz Ansari on Netflix. We watched it and laughed the whole time. I was stoked when I heard Aziz was going to be in Tampa. JD looked for tickets and could only find them for $150 a piece – silly boy. I found us seats in the seated section for $39.  We couldn’t wait to go!

Amy Schumer, from Trainwreck was also there. She was really funny and I would totally watch more of her. Trainwreck is currently in Netflix DVD to cue. We couldn’t take any pictures or videos from our seats, but we really had a great time.

It’s My Birthday Month

Libra Quotes


October is my birthday month and I like to tease JD about me being a Libra. I actually think I possess a lot of the traits that Libra’s are known for. The quote above is one of my favorites and true for me.

Dean, from Mrs. AOK, is a Libra too! She’s one cool chick you should get to know. Seriously, Libra’s need to band together – #LibraProblems. You should read about Dean’s recent move across the country. You’ll hug your family a little tighter tonight.

What are you excited about in October?

What was your favorite thing about September?


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  • Mrs. AOK says:

    Oh my gosh September sounds like tons of fun for you!!! I want to go to a comedy show, it’s been waaaaay too long.
    Happy Birthday Month!! I didn’t forget 🙂
    Wishing you the best month/year ever!!

    • Chastity says:

      Thank you, Love! I need to go to more comedy shows. It’s ah-ma-zing what a good laugh can do for the soul. So now how do we meet up for a date? You’re so far away! xoxo

      • Mrs. AOK says:

        I agree, laughter is the best medicine!
        I know 🙁 #StupidDistance!

  • Kelly says:

    Yay, so fun! Love that you had such a great date night – we haven’t been away from the kiddos yet either but are totally planning our first one for my husband’s birthday later this month too 🙂 Yay for Libras – my favorite! 🙂

    • Chastity says:

      Date nights are amazing! I forgot how much I liked them – ha! xo

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