Baby Lulu’s Nursery

Baby Lulu turns one-year-old this month and to celebrate, I’m sharing all my favorite things – baby edition! To kick things off, I’m sharing this beautiful baby nursery from my friends at Layla Grayce.

Lulu’s nursery was the first time I purchased white furniture. I’m usually not a fan of white colored furniture, but the white really brightens up the space and gives her nursery a clean, fresh look.

I love the look and design of a modern baby nursery and I almost went that route, but I decided against it and purchased this adorable elephant crib set. Lulu will only be a baby once and I thought it was the best time to surround her in the cuteness of these elephants.

I purchased furniture for Lulu that will last longer than her first few years of her life. If you can purchase large items that have a longer lifespan, but may cost more money initially, you will end up saving money in the long run. My daughter has this huge dresser in her room, but it will last her the entire time she lives with us. With my son we purchased a baby dresser for his clothes and his clothing outgrew the dresser by the time he was three.

For my first two babies I had a typical baby glider to nurse and rock my little ones to sleep in, but when it was a middle of the night feeding I was uncomfortable and miserable.  With Lulu, I decided I wanted a recliner to nurse her in. I am so happy with my choice! Now I can recline back, breastfeed her and she and I can both rest comfortably!

I adore the look of something modern in what would be considered a classically styled room. This chandler, rug and pillow for the recliner add the right amount of modern in a fun, colorful baby girl’s nursery.

How did/would you decorate your baby’s nursery?

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  • Kelly says:

    Aaw, happy 1 month to Baby Lulu, I love all the beautiful furniture pieces you chose for her nursery – so pretty and perfect 🙂

    • Chastity says:

      Thank you, Kelly! I love pink and I’m so happy to have found a fun sorbet color to use in her room. She’s lucky, her room has the best lighting in it.

  • Oh, you have a newborn too! I knew you had three littles, just not that one was so recent! Love the picks for her nursery decor, very pretty. We went for all natural wood (birch), mint accent wall, and soft pink, grey accessories. She is sharing her nursery with our master bedroom, so we tried to blend it into our decor. I love it! And I love having her right near us. She’ll have her nursery to herself when we move into a larger space, but for now – it’s perfect.

    • Chastity says:

      My baby will be turning one-year-old this month, but she’ll always be my baby. She slept in our room until she was about four months old. It made it easier for the middle of the night feedings. I love the color palette you picked for your daughter’s room. It sounds beautiful!

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