An Open Letter to Ulta

Normally I wouldn’t say anything about poor customer service. I realize every business has its share of awful employees, but the manager at the Ulta I recently shopped at should hold her head in shame.

On Christmas Eve, I stopped at the Ulta down the street from my parents house. I needed to purchase astringent and other various items, including make-up for my Grandmother. It was the last day to redeem my 20% off total purchase coupon.

We arrived at the store at 4:30. As soon as we opened the door the manager said, “we are closing in 30 minutes.” Okay, that’s more than enough time to get in and get out. Of course we were not the only customers in the store. There were other shoppers as well as other customers "trying" to get in the door.

Upset that shoppers were coming into her store on Christmas Eve to shop (gasp), she ran over to the phone/speaker and made an announcement that every one needed to hurry up so she could spend Christmas Eve with her family. That was a little over the top. Every five minutes she made this announcement. She warned every shopper who entered the store that they were closing at 5 and to hurry up so she could get home.

She ran up behind customers as well as myself telling us to hurry. Not, "can I help you find something?" I asked her a question about a specific Rusk shampoo and she didn’t answer my question. She was too worried about rushing me out the door.


I purchased my items at 4:55.  I would have a made a larger purchase had I not been rushed out the door. During my check-out, the manager was on the speaker giving customers a minute-by-minute countdown instead of assisting customers.

The two girls checking customers out were mortified. They tried to tell her it was no big deal, that the customers were already in the store but she continued her ranting. She should have NOT worked Christmas Eve. An assistant manager or key holder should have closed.

We arrived 30 minutes before the store closed and we were treated terribly, as were all the customers. For a manager, she should be ashamed of herself. She was a terrible example for her employees and a prime example of embarrassingly horrid customer service. Every time I’ve shopped this store she is rude, but this time she crossed the line.

I worked as a manager at The Buckle for many years. I worked the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day etc. If one of my employees would have treated a guest that way he/she would have been fired on the spot. Almost every Christmas Eve I worked two hours past closing time to ensure a customer purchased his/her last minute gifts. These were always large purchases which benefited my bottom line. Sure I was late to Christmas Eve service, but I had a happy customer who continued shopping with us.

Normally I wouldn’t complain, but this behavior by a manger was out-of-control. With millions of people out of work, she should be thrilled to have a job. She should be ashamed of herself. I will no longer shop this Ulta. I will take my business to another store or online to avoid this store. This manager could careless about customers. She was concerned about herself and I’m sure not the values of Ulta.


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