Work It with Mind Body Elite

Work it With Mind Body Elite

Thank you to Mind Body Elite for the opportunity to try this wonderful program!

Hello, Sunshine! We finally had some cooler weather and it was heaven! I could finally go outside and not melt to death. Pure bliss! I’m finally settling into a new routine and that includes using Mind Body Elite as a fitness guide.

Mind Body Elite

Work it With Mind Body Elite

I have been working out using the Sculpting for Girls program by Mind Body Elite. It is broken down into three phases: whole body training (building foundation strength), high repetition training (muscle awareness), and high volume training (getting muscles pumped). Each of the three phases is for four weeks. The journal can be printed out for you to write on or you can keep it downloaded on your phone.

Mind Body Elite can be done at home or at the gym. If you are working out at home there will be a few pieces of equipment you’ll need: dumbbells, barbells and kettle bells. Originally I began the program at home. Lulu was going through a phase where she refused to go the daycare/playground at the gym. Each daily workout was easy to complete in the comfort of my home. The exercises did not take too long to complete and I was surprised the following day when I could feel the burn.

For several weeks I used the Mind Body Elite program at home. Lulu has finally decided that she’s a big girl and can hang at the gym’s daycare. Phew. I’ve been able to challenge myself by using the guide at the gym. I’ve added heavier weights and use the mirrors to check my form.

Check out this video about Mind Body Elite:

The days I don’t train with my program, I try to run or bike. I’ve noticed that if I add more cardio I see results faster.

Overall I’m very happy with the Mind Body Elite fitness training program. I’ve noticed more muscle definition and I’m hoping that with continued work I can achieve the fitness model look.


Work it With Mind Body Elite

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