When Smoke Gets on Your Eyes


Going on a date this weekend? Dazzle him with the perfect smokey eye.

The smokey eye look is oh so sexy, but it can be very difficult to achieve. Trying to figure out what shadows and eyeliners to purchase is way too confusing.

e.l.f. has taken the guess work out by making a predesigned smokey eye kit for $15.

This predesigned smokey eye kit contains:

Black Brightening Eye Liner, Drama Brightening Eye Color, Smudge Eye Sponge, Mechanical Eyelash Curler, White Eye Widener, Eye Shadow Brush, Black Licorice, Duo Eye Shadow Cream
Black Licorice, Dramatic Lash Kit-Black, Black Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, Black Wristlet & Eye Makeup Remover Pads


e.l.f. –  eyes, lips and face offers great make-up and beauty products at very affordable prices. My sister-in-law gave my an e.l.f. gift set for my birthday and I love it!

Here’s to batting your beautifully smokey eyes,


  • Doll says:

    Hi darling, sweet site! I genuinely like this post. Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  • laura says:

    Love the makeup ideas on this page. I do something very simple with my eyes, just a simple black eyeline (60’s 70’s style) on my top lid, but am looking to mix it up a little with a little color! what color eyeshadow if any, should I invest in, for a smokey eye look, I have hazel eyes, and love purple but not sure whats the best thing to buy. at the moment when I go out I literally wear false eyeleashes and liner….. and thats it!

    Thanks in advance!

    • I have green eyes. I use purples, silvers, whites, and opals for smokey look. These colors tend to bring out the green and really brighten my eyes. Great colors to make your eyes pop if you have green, hazel and grey eyes!

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