Weekends are Made for Living in Layers

Weekends are Made for Living in Layers
This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

You guys, we did it! We finally had our first below 90-degree day. I wish you truly understood how exciting that is for us Floridians. We can go outside and not melt the moment we open the door.

This is the time of year that I’m happy to live in Tampa.

Lately, I’ve been so busy with work and missing out on quality with my family. As I’m writing this I have four big projects that I’m working on and causing me unnecessary stress.

Today, I made the decision to put away my work and spend some quality with my middle child, Gracie.

It’s the Little Moments

Gracie truly loves doing any and everything together. She’s my creative soul. This morning she found some yarn and created a spider web art piece for a cute little made by her spider to call home.

The temperatures were perfect to sit outside with her on our front patio this morning. We sat together listening to the sounds of the birds chirping. We sipped on our coffee and hot chocolate and just talked to each other.  She is full of ideas and loves to share everything that is going on.

After our morning drinks, Gracie asked if we could play a game. Both of my girls love playing games, but unfortunately, Lulu is under the weather so Gracie and I went out to our lanai and played a couple rounds of her favorite card game.

We’ve recently screened-in our lanai, but it’s been so hot that we haven’t been able to enjoy it until now.

We had a slight breeze while playing our game that was very calming. The temperature was in the 60s and it felt like we were truly participating in Fall.

Gracie is also a wonderful reader. The girl can devour books so fast and she has wonderful retention skills. She wanted to read to me a book that Lulu got from the library.

It’s a joy to have kids that read to me now. I love hearing how they tell the story with the little influxes and excitement in their voices.

I hope we have this bond forever and that she continues to share everything with me.

Live in Layers

Layers are a must this time of year in Florida. During the Winter months, we can have mornings in the 40s and by the later afternoon, we are back to the 70s. Layering is one effective way to survive these crazy daily temperature fluctuations.

Kohl’s has all of your layering needs taken care with Cuddl Duds. Henleys are one of my favorite styles of shirts. I have a few henley tanktops and now I have Cuddl Duds Softwear Long Sleeve Henley with ThumbholesThis henley truly lives up to its name. It is so soft and comfy.

I’m a product of the late 90s and early 2000s. I remember when velour jumpsuits were all the rage and I’m so excited that they’re back in fashion. I had to get Cuddl Duds Double Plush Velour Leggings as a fun throwback to those days.

I have a variety of black leggings, but not a single pair of velour ones. These leggings could easily be dressed up with cute boots or booties when the weather cools off even more. 

I am a sucker for thumbholes. Cuddl Duds Softknit Wrap with Thumbholes is the perfect cool weather accessory. I bring a jacket with me everywhere I go because I never know if the store or restaurant I’m going to will be freezing inside. This wrap is cute and will complement any outfit you’re wearing, even if you’re only wearing it in the frozen food aisle.

Weekends are Made for Living in Layers

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Do you have any Cuddl Duds pieces?

Do you like thumbholes?

What’s your go-to layering secret?


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