Week 5 Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide

Hello, Sunshine! I was so excited to have a whole new circuit this week. I’m good at waiting for surprises and I didn’t cheat and sneak a peek at what’s coming up this week until it was time to dominate it. Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide Week 5 challenged me on a whole new level and I was ready for it.

Bikini Body Guide Week 5

I decided to revert back to completing 3 sets of each circuit this week. I’m focusing on my form and making sure I’m completing each exercise to the best of my ability. My lower back was hurting last week and I don’t want to pull a muscle or need help to walk around the house. Being a 30-something comes with its challenges. 🙂

10 Mountain Climbers With 2 Push Ups

This is my nemesis for the week. 8 sets of 10 mountain climbers with 2 push ups kicks my butt. The first 4 are doable, but then I’m just a sweaty, panting mess with extremely sore wrists. This is what a mountain climber push up combo should look like. I’ll spare you from watching what mine looks like.

Mommy and Me

Lulu and I attend an hour long mommy and me dance class during the week. This is a fun way for me to get in L.I.S.S. training and enjoy a little ballet at the same time. I can do a mean sautĂ© (jump) compared to the little girls in the class. Lulu loves her ballet class and I’m enjoying being able to participate in it with her. It’s a fun way to burn a few calories and make memories with her.

Progress Picture

Hopefully, I’ll have a progress picture next week. I’m still having difficulty finding a mirror that takes a decent selfie. I’ll look in the mirror and think I notice a transformation and then I snap a picture with my phone and it’s not flattering at all! Maybe I’ll force JD to take one of me.

Week Six is Brand New and I’m sure more skipping and detangling from the jump rope is in my future.


  • Kelly says:

    I would totally have trouble with those mountain climbers with pushups after a few reps too. Love that you and Lulu are attending a mommy and me dance class – sounds like so much fun:) You are rocking it mama – way to go 🙂

    • Chastity says:

      I’m loving Mommy and Me! It’s fun to see Lulu improve each and every week.

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