The Itsy Bitsy Spider


I’m getting ready to take a shower when I hear my 2-year-old screaming at the top of lungs.  I find her sitting next to the shower crying hysterically. I immediately thought to myself, “did she fall down? Did she step on something?”

No, there was a spider crawling down her leg!

I pulled her away from the shower and began to feverishly brush the spider off of her. Her screams were louder and her tears were falling harder. Finally, I pushed the nasty little spider off of her.

I’ve never heard her scream so loud or cry so hard in my life. She handles her vaccinations better than this. I wrapped her up in her towel and tried to comfort her by rocking her. After an hour of screaming, I finally checked her for any bites. I didn’t see anything but flushed skin. I gently put her on the bed while I headed to the bathroom looking for the culprit.

I didn’t have my glasses on so every little black object looked like the spider. When I spied what looked to be the spider I crept closer to it, but I couldn’t clearly identify what it was. I convinced myself it was just a fuzzy from my black slippers. I reached down to grab it and “the fuzzy” quickly crawled away.

All of the sudden, I heard a pitched scream behind me. My baby was standing there watching the spider creep away. Her scream startled me and my only reaction was to beat the crap out of the spider. (Yes, I know some people are superstitious about killing spiders, but this one was asking for it!)

I nicely put him in a wad of toilet paper and flushed him away. Adios amigo! I thought this was the end of the bad spider nightmare, but I was wrong.

This weekend we were driving to House of Blues when on the way there a little fly decided to join us. This annoying fly decided to torture my baby by flying/buzzing around her and landing on her car-seat. It was her bug nightmare all over again.

She began to hysterically cry and scream. Do you think we could get the fly out the window? Not a chance. She was kicking her legs with each scream and cry getting louder, but the awful fly continued to pester her.

When the fly decided he completed his mission of terror, he flew out the window (I’m sure with a smile). My baby was drenched in sweat and tears by the time finally we parked the car and took her out of her car-seat. My poor little girl.

Now, bugs are haunting her in her dreams. Last night she had a nightmare and all I could understand through her tears was, “he got me Mommy! He got me!” No doubt, a nightmare about a bug .

In case she wasn’t completely fearful of bugs, my slipper left a fuzzy on the ground and she ran towards me screaming “no bug. Leave me alone!” Thankfully I could pick-up the fuzzy, show her wasn’t a bug and toss it in the trash.

A warning to all bugs out there; mess with my kids and you will mess with me.

Now, back to loving my little lady bug.


  • Beverly says:

    Cute post. Stumbled upon it by chance but it made it laugh out loud ;0)In your daughters eyes, you are a complete hero…beating the crap out of that spider…haha! My daughter HATED ants when she was 2. She would scream at the top of her lungs and panic when she saw them. But now she’s 6 and she often comes in the house rummaging through my tupperware looking for something to put ladybugs, ants and rolli-pollies in. Keep loving your little lady bug, she’ll grow out of this too.

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