Spring Into Action With Kozy Shack® Simply Well® Pudding

Spring Into Action With Kozy Shack Simply Well Pudding

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get your body in its best health and shape ever! Now’s the time to shake off those Winter blues and spring into action. Incorporating simples steps can help boost your body’s well being and choosing better-for-you treats like Kozy Shack® Simply Well®  which is a great way to snack without added sugar and it’s gluten-free!

Spring Into Action With 3 Easy Steps!

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

As a busy working mama of three, getting enough sleep each night can be quite the task.  There’s nights when one of the kiddos decides to get in bed with us and that usually results in zero sleep for me. Apparently, I’m a better snuggle buddy than JD.

Of course there are nights that I can’t shut my mind off and endless worries or to do lists fill my mind. I dread those nights the most. I end up laying there in bed thinking about how exhausted I’ll be in the morning.

Doctors recommend that adults get eight hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep can lead to unwanted health problems and let’s admit it, your just plain miserable when you’re sleep deprived.  Try to unwind 30 minutes prior to bed time to allow your body and mind prepare for a peaceful night.

2. Make Better-For-You Food and Drink Choices

Spring Into Action With Kozy Shack Simply Well Pudding

It can be difficult to pass on sugary filled drinks or margaritas, but your body needs water to use as fuel. I make it a goal to drink one and a half liters of water a day

There is a plethora of yummy treats in our house right now because of Easter. It takes a lot of will power to say no to all of the chocolate lying around. When I go shopping I make it a goal to only buy whole food items. I try to limit our gluten and sugar intake, but sometimes you have to allow a little room for treats. Kozy Shack® Simply Well® is a treat you don’t have to feel guilty about. It’s a 90-calorie, no sugar added, gluten-free pudding that’s a great choice for an active lifestyle.

3. Stay Active

Our weather is absolutely beautiful right now! I love going outside and playing with my kids. We’ve been playing at the playground, swimming at the pool, riding our bikes and I’ve recently been challenging them to physical contests. We have sprinting, handstand, and dancing contests. We’re really enjoying staying active and keeping our bodies in shape.

Spring Into Action With Kozy Shack Simply Well!


  • I love Kozy Shack’s rice pudding! It’s the perfect healthy dessert. I usually mix in a small pack of raisins for some extra goodness : )
    Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie recently posted..Friday Faves: SpringtimeMy Profile

    • Chastity says:

      I mix mine with cake batter protein. I have to sneak in cake batter whenever possible!

  • Mrs. AOK says:

    I need to work on getting more sleep. My husband and I both keep saying we need to work on going to sleep earlier, we’re so bad at that.
    Mrs. AOK recently posted..Mommy Monday Blog Hop {93}My Profile

  • David says:

    I am most interested in trying the chocolate variety. The rice and tapioca look good too, but you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

  • Kelly says:

    Yum, I love Kozy Shack’s puddings! Yay for the beautiful weather and playing outside with the kids 🙂 It’s finally getting warmer here too and I can’t wait to take the kiddos to the park!

  • I so need to have some healthy snacks after the Easter gorging! I love that picture of the back-bridge-over-the puddings! I have three kids too and the last two days have been looking after my nephew too, so I could do with about 18 hours sleep! Nice to find your blog.
    Jess Paterson recently posted..Clean Slate ParentingMy Profile

  • Ashley says:

    I want to try the creme caramel flan

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