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Hello, Sunshine! We’re suffering through the dog days of summer here in Tampa. It’s hot, humid, and just plain miserable outside. It’s supposed to be fall, but it’s not happening here. All of the humidity is making my hair a frizzy mess and it’s usually as straight as can be. There’s nothing pretty about stringy hair that boasts a couple of giant bumps. My hair is totally suffering from a major hair failure.

I usually take a shower at night so I can wash all of the day’s germs and nastiness off before I go to bed. I used to be able to let my hair air dry and it would be fine the next day, but now that’s not the case. So now my choice is to wash my hair again in the morning and blow dry it or plug in my hair straightener and straighten it. Both are time consuming when you have three little ones you have to get ready and out the door too! Thank goodness I now I have a third option: Simply Straight™.

Simply Straight

Simply Straight Simply Straight

Simply Straight™makes it easy to straighten my hair in the morning by simply brushing my hair. Talk about a total time saver! It even helps boost my roots to give my hair volume when it wants to lie flat. Who knew a hair brush could be so multifunctional?

So how does it work? Simply Straight™ has unique ceramic-wrapped bristles that can heat up to 450°. The heated bristles wrap heat around your hair and makes it so easy to get shiny, voluminous hair!

The more I use and practice with my Simply Straight™ brush, the better I am at straightening it quickly and giving more volume to my fine hair. I love that it gets rid of the frizziness the humidity gives my hair. It has an auto shut-off after 60 minutes of heating up and now I don’t have to worry if I’ve shut-off my hair appliances and pray that my house doesn’t burn down when I’m gone. 🙁

Check out my before and after from my first time using my Simply Straight™ brush.


Before and after simply straight

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Search for the Hashtag: #SimplyStraight on social media and see how others are getting Simply Straight™ hair.
Simply Straight


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