Refuel Your Tween

Hello, Sunshine! My kids have successfully completed their first quarter of the school year. They said it feels like it’s been longer, but not for me. It’s true how fast time flies by when you’re older and how time is almost non-existent when you have kids. My little ones are growing up too fast and I can’t believe that CC is already a tween.

Refueling Your Tween Emotionally

I don’t know if I’d want to be a tween or teenager today. I’m honestly thankful that I grew-up and experienced my awkward years without social media. I think kids have it a bit harder now than I did.

Yoplait is hosting an encouraging campaign for family members of tweens and teens to share why they’re amazing. I happily accepted this challenge and here’s what I shared with CC:


My CC,

I cannot believe another year is winding down. Every day you continuously amaze me. 

You’re an intelligent boy, but don’t take it for granted. Challenge yourself by learning something new everyday. It’ll make your day more rewarding and help you grow mentally.

And speaking of challenging yourself, always push harder when you’re practicing your sports. Try to swim faster, hit the ball harder, or improve your response time. Always strive to better yourself.

You are so blessed to have so many people who love you. You were the apple of your great-grandmother’s eye, the son your daddy and I’ve always dreamt of, and you mean the world to your grandparents. 

Your little cousins adore you. You should see the happiness in their eyes when they get to play with you. 

You’re a hero to your little sisters. Please remember that as they grow older they’ll need you more. They’ll need you to stand up for them, be someone they can trust, and someone they know they can still have fun with.

Always remember that being kind is more important than being right.

Your dad and I are so proud of the boy you are and the young man you’ll soon become.  We love you and know that’ll make a positive change in the world. 




Refuel Your Tween with Yoplait Go Big

Because Who Doesn’t Love a Video?!


Refueling Your Tween Physically

Yoplait Go Big

Yoplait has created a new product created for tweens – Yoplait Go Big pouches. I found Go Big at Walmart while making a last-minute run for Halloween accessories. The new pouches can also be found at Target and other grocers.

You will feel good about feeding your tween Yoplait Go Big knowing that it doesn’t contain artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup. Each pouch is a good source of calcium and contains real fruit. It’s also gluten-free and made with Kosher dairy.

Refuel Your Tween

Yoplait Go Big pouches feature a tear up and back removal. CC really liked this because it wasn’t like the little kids’ GoGurt tubes. The pouches are larger than tubes and help satisfy the hunger pangs of growing tweens.

Refuel Your Tween With Yoplait Go Big

CC really likes the flavor of these pouches. He eats them with his lunch and on the way to baseball.

Refuel Your Tween

Yoplait Go Big helped refuel my tween so he can crush it, single-handedly in his everyday life. Visit the Go Big Facebook page and share what your makes your tween amazing!





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