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Originally posted by my husband, I adapted it for mothers.

Moms are busy all day chasing around their kids, taking care of their husbands, feeding the family pet and maybe doing something for herself. There are times during the day I’m happy to have a potty break by myself.

We run around all day talking about how busy we are, but at the end of the day we feel as if we never really accomplished anything

Often, we are very active, but not productive. 

When we do have a free moment, we are often wasting our time. Simple time-wasting activities can be productive if we change our approach.

What are you busy doing?

Activity Productivity
hanging out on facebook setting up a mommy-and-me date while on facebook
reading a blog reading a blog about animals to your kids
going to the gym exercising by going on a family bike ride or walk
cleaning the house by yourself make it a game and see who can clean their room the fastest
surfing the internet building a family on-line photo album/website
watching television playing a family board game
going to the movies make a tent with blankets and search for stars with your kids
watching sports kickin around the ball with your kids in the backyard
going out to dinner making dinner with your kids – they love getting their hands dirty
working hard time is money – get the whole family involved in household chores

Focus on producing, it makes you feel good and creates the things that you want in life.  You will get things done and achieve your goals.

Teach your family to value time and enjoy every breath God gives you.

And when your husband is home, take that potty break by yourself you so richly deserve.

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