My Dog Has Daddy Issues



Meet Sophie. Sophie is a 3-year-old Yorkie who has Daddy issues. Sophie follows Daddy everywhere he goes. Unfortunately for Sophie, her love for Daddy is not always reciprocated. 

Sophie is too feminine of a dog for daddy. Daddy wanted a French Bulldog (I’m planning on getting him one eventually) but when his son was 18-months-old, he picked out picked out Sophie. Little man and Sophie have been best friends ever since. Now, Sophie and little princess are best buddies. Sophie can usually be found in the baby stroller with little princess pushing her.

Funny thing is Daddy loves Sophie, but he won’t let you know it. When he gets home at midnight from work, Sophie is patiently waiting for him. As soon as she hears the doorknob turn, she’s at the front door wagging her stubby little tail for him. They hang out and have a midnight snack together. As soon as he finishes his shower and gets in bed, Sophie barks for him to pick her up. He reaches for her and they sleep happily together.

But if anyone is around, Daddy lovingly refers to her as rat dog. He is constantly sending her mixed messages. At night, sure Sophie you can sleep with me. In the middle of the afternoon, rat dog you can’t sit with me. Get down. Sad and confused, she continues her clueless meanderings trying to win his undying love.

The life of a dog… with Daddy issues


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