I Love You, Anthropologie Dresses

Hello, Sunshine! So, I love Anthropologie and I really love Anthropologie dresses. Swoon. I’d be in heaven if I could go on an all purchases paid for by someone else shopping spree in there. Everything in Anthropologie is beautiful.

I have an addiction to pretty dresses. I’m such a girlie girl that I would love to prance and dance around in beautiful Anthropologie dresses all day and all night. Oh, to be a princess.

My Five Favorite Anthropologie Dresses At This Moment

Mirleft Dress I am in desperate (okay, not desperate) need of a little black dress. Lately, I’ve sworn off buying anything black, but now I don’t have a LBD. I absolutely love the details and lace collar on this dress. It is stunning LBD.

Azalea Stitched Dress Confession: I love Ivanka Trump’s style. I would love to wear all of the clothing and accessories she owns, and this dress totally reminds me of her. Maybe I’ll wear this Anthropologie dress to my next board meeting and proudly declare “you’re fired!”

 Azure Lace Dress I love living next to the Gulf of Mexico and this beautiful blue dress reminds me of the sea. I can imagine relaxing in a beautiful, exotic location while wearing it at a resort. Will somebody please pass the lobster and a glass of sangria?

Anja Stitched Sheath Dress  The ballerina in me will always be drawn to sheer necklines and intricate details on clothing. I have an amazing pair of nude heels that would look amazing with this dress! I would love to wear this dress on a date with my husband or to meet clients at a wine bar.

Azure Scroll Dress   I’m completely drawn to bright and bold colors. I would totally wear this dress to a wedding, rehearsal dinner or to any formal event. Actually, I would wear this dress everywhere. I would be the best dressed shopper in the grocery store and feel super sexy at the same time.



Anthoropologie, you had from the moment I first walked by one of your beautifully styled window displays.

Do you suffer from an Anthropologie addiction like I do?



  • Kelly says:

    Hehe, u are too cute, Chastity:) I love love love Anthro too and would live in the store if I could too;) Love these dresses, you would look gorgeous in all of them 🙂

    • Chastity says:

      My house and closet would be amazing if it was just an Anthropologie store. It would have to be a no kids zone though ;-). Thank you for the sweet compliment. You would look darling in the dresses!

  • Chastity, you are killin’ me girl! Anthropologie dresses are the cutest things ever!

    • Chastity says:

      I know, right?! Now if I only had the budget to buy all of these lovely dresses…

  • Mrs. AOK says:

    Beautiful dresses! I keep saying I’m going to become a southern belle & embrace the fancy SC mindset…. I’ve only purchased 2 dresses since I moved here.
    I love the black dress & I guess I have a little ballerina in me too, because that dress caught my eye.

    • Chastity says:

      I’m originally from the west coast and will forever be a west coast girl. 😉 I LOVE dresses and would wear one everyday. They’re cute and comfortable and let’s face it, as a mama comfort is key!

  • lauren says:

    I am obsessed with their dresses, but I try not to go into that store unless I have a special occasion coming up, since I love everything but I am so cheap! 😉

    • Chastity says:

      I’m a sticker savvy shopper, Lauren. I feel guilty when I buy something that isn’t on sale. If I didn’t have kids I’d buy all kinds of pretty things! 😉

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