Beautiful Skin with Free Samples from Mario Badescu

My sister recently purchased Mario Badescu’s Acne Repair Kit. All the girls in Ulta were raving about how great the kit was. I was sure I had to try it.

A week later, I made a trip to my local Ulta looking to buy the repair kit. While standing in the aisle trying to keep my 4-year-old and 5-month-old entertained, another girl, Leslie, was stocking up on Mario Badescu’s products.

Leslie said she was getting married in four months and wanted to put her best face forward. She had tried Dermalogica, but thought the products were over-priced. She recently discovered Mario Badescu and loved the products.

Then she told me a little secret; o to Mario Badescu’s website and you can get free samples of products.

I looked every where on the website for the free sample page and could not find it anywhere. Disheartened, I filled out the skin questionnaire to discover if Mario Badescu Skin Care Can Bring You Beautiful Skin .  I signed up for emails from Mario Badescu and wrote down the suggested products to purchase on my next adventure to Ulta.

This morning, I checked my email and there it was. An email from Mario Badescu that read:

Thank you for your interest in Mario Badescu! According to our records, you recently filled out our online skin care questionnaire. Based on the answers you provided, we’ve developed a full regimen tailored to fit your skin care needs. For your reference, we have listed your recommended products below. We are so confident about the results you will achieve that we would like to send you some free samples so that you can try our products before you decide to purchase them.

My skin has been acne prone during and after my last pregnancy. I have never had skin problems until now. I am excited to try the samples. I will update my critique of the products and whether or not I will purchase any or all of the products.

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