About My Rays of Sunshine

so happy

Hello, I’m Chastity! The girl behind My Rays of Sunshine. I truly believe that everyday is a ray of sunshine. Sometimes you just have to look beyond the storm.

Everyday My Rays of Sunshine is my imaginative inner-dialogue and observations of the world around me.

Back in the day I was a prima ballerina. If I wasn’t wearing my pointe shoes, I was promoting the local radio station or off on the runway somewhere (being 5’9” has its advantages).

Growing-up I wanted to be an attorney. I could win any argument and so many of my teachers said I would be a natural. But after researching the educational cost of becoming a lawyer, I changed my mind. Instead, I earned a B.A. in Broadcasting and Public Relations and was on my way to becoming a highly sought after publicist in Nashville.

But life happened. I moved to Las Vegas after graduating college and three short (very, very short) months later, I met the love of my life and found out we were expecting a son. Surprise!


My husband, JD,  constantly makes me laugh and is the most amazing father to our children. He still makes my heart skip a beat especially when he’s dressed in a suit.

 I will forever have baby fever. I will always desire and miss that feeling of snuggling with a newborn and breathing in freshly washed baby hair. I have been blessed with three beautiful, healthy, intelligent and kind children. What more could I ask for?


My amazing son, CC, is the apple of my eye and my oldest daughter, Gracie, is the little girl I always dreamt of and who is every bit as girlie as I am. My toddler, Lulu, always keeps me laughing and is the perfect finishing touch to our family.

We currently live in Tampa Bay after many years bouncing around the country. I keep busy as a small business owner, raising amazing children, and creating lasting memories with my family.

My dream is to own a water park! I ask to go to water parks just as much as my children. And, I would go on a week-long vacation every month if it were in the budget.

I love singing and dancing to every song on the radio. I have a soft spot for high heels, beautiful dresses and fresh flowers. My love affair with all things feminine began at the age of four when I found black patent leather shoes that made the same sound as high heels when I walked.

My Rays of Sunshine is my . . .

adventures   Collage