Tips for Helping Your Baby Through Cold and Flu Season + Giveaway

Tips for Helping You and Your Baby Through Cold and Flu Season

Thank you to Baby Health Care for sponsoring today’s conversation about Helping Your Baby Through Cold and Flu Season with BabySmile S-502

Hello, Sunshine! How has the weather been where you are? December, January, and February are difficult months here in Tampa. We can go from 80 degrees one day to seeing lows near freezing temperatures. The weather often messes with our immune systems leaving us with allergies, colds or even the flu. Yuck! As a mom, it’s hard to see our little ones under-the-weather and our heart’s break when it’s our baby that is stuffed up and can’t breathe. So, what can you do to help your baby? Here are my tips to help your baby breathe easier this cold and flu season.

1. Make Sure Your Baby is Hydrated

According to the National Institute for Health, an increase in consumption of fluids will help soften secretions. It doesn’t matter if it’s breast milk or formula, just keep your baby hydrated.


2. Place a Humidifier in the Room

A humidifier is often recommended by healthcare providers. It may help drain your baby’s congested upper airways. Just be sure to keep the mist out of your baby’s face.


3. Use BabySmile S-502 to Safely Remove Nasal Mucus

Do you remember being in the hospital right after your baby was born.? The nurse would suction out your baby’s nasal passages with a syringe aspirator bulb. But do you know why? Most parents don’t realize the importance of nasal care. If you can completely clean out nasal mucus, you may be able to prevent ear infections and other potential baby illnesses.

Helping Your Baby Through Cold and Flu Season

Baby Health Care has created BabySmile S-502, a hospital grade electronic nasal aspirator. It can help your baby recover colds, breathe easier, sleep better, and reduce the risk of viral and bacterial infections.

Ok, so I initially tried the BabySmile on myself. Crazy, I know. I wanted to see what it felt like and if it really did clear my nasal passages. My allergies have been acting up and I would like to prevent a sinus infection. So here’s what I discovered:

  • It tickles. I felt like I had a little feather tickling my nose, but no pain. My nose was a little itchy afterward, but not raw from blowing it non-stop.
  • It cleared my nose! I was able to breathe easy and my nasal passages felt clear. I didn’t have mucus running down my throat.
  • It’s loud. It reminds me of a breast pump in size and sound.

Next came the real test, I used it on Lulu. So here’s the thing, Lulu does not like they suction bulb. I was worried that she wouldn’t let me test it out on her. At first, she gave the stink eye, but after convincing her that it would be funny she gave it a whirl. She was hesitant to put it in her nose, but when I turned it on she let out a big laugh. She thought it was hilarious.

Helping Your Baby Through Cold and Flu Season

Helping Your Baby Through Cold and Flu Season

The catch-all container can hold up to 10 ounces of mucus, but I like to wash it out after each use. It’s easy to disassemble for quick clean-up and put back together for its next usage.

Win Your Own BabySmile S-502

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If you’re looking for a child (and adult) friendly way of pulling mucus from nasal passages, I’d recommend you try BabySmile S-502. Learn more about BabySmile S-502 in their ebook.


Tips for Helping You and Your Baby Through Cold and Flu Season


  • shirley says:

    We wash and wash our hands, drink lots of water and reat when sick.

  • Michelle H. says:

    I take vitamin c and the recommended amount of zinc. I also drink lots of water.

  • Ashley C says:

    My best tip is to wash your hands ALL the time!

  • Cindy Peterson says:

    Eating healthy and keeping hydrated plus extra hand washing is what keeps us going through the flu season.

  • liza vla says:

    Wash hands and sanitizer

  • CWH says:

    Get plenty of sleep during cold and flu season.

  • Christy says:

    Stay away from those that are contagious. Lysol EVERYTHING! If child does get sick make sure to clean bed and all after cold is gone.

  • angela smith says:

    always make sure you have extra medicine and tissues around

  • Chandra says:

    Wash your hands and take vitamin c.

  • katie k says:

    My tip is to wash your hands constantly to help contain the spread of germs!

  • Amy Deeter says:

    Having medicine, washing their hands, and fluids

  • Aaron says:

    My tip for surviving cold and flu season is remembering that this too shall pass.

  • Maria B says:

    Wah hands and drink lots of water to help battle a cold.

  • Samantha says:

    My tip is to wash your hands as often as possible!

  • Ashley M says:

    Washing your hands is the number one way to help combat germs and bacteria!! My kids like to cough and sneeze into their elbow (aka “DAB”). Dressing for the weather is another great way to help combat the flu!

  • Laurie Emerson says:

    My tips are to drink plenty of water, eat as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible and do a lot of hand washing.

  • Vikki Billings says:

    Lots of hand washing, lots of fluids, and a lot of sleep.

  • Allyson Rose Becker says:

    Drink lots of water, take vitamin C, and sleep a lot

  • Brandon Sparks says:

    Always wash your hands.

  • Richard Hicks says:

    Wash wash wash those hands and stay away from crowds

  • Dana MATTHEWS says:

    Lots of Lysol, lots of oranges and orange juice and lots of fresh air are my tips for this season!

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