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I’m in love with Kalea Rose’s Revive Hair Complex. It is a wonderful detangling and conditioning spray. 

I have long, dyed red hair. I try not to dry, curl, or use a straight iron on my hair to keep it long and healthy. Because it is long, I have to use a hair detangler on it after every shower to remove knots creating during lathering and rinsing. For years I have used Suave For Kids Detangler and Johnson’s Kids No More Tangles Spray Detangler on my hair.

When I was asked to review Kalea Rose’s Revive Hair Complex, I was thrilled. A grown-up detangler for my hair with an added sun filter. How could I refuse?image

Kalea Rose’s Revive Hair Complex is a leave-in penetrating conditioner with amino acids. It helps prevent split ends by strengthening your hair’s elasticity. And it protects your hair from the sun with sunscreen.

Living in Florida, I need to protect my hair from the sun’s damaging rays. My hair is not naturally red, so the sun filter in Revive helps me maintain a bright, vibrant red hue.

The detangler in Revive is amazing! I don’t have to struggle to comb out my hair after my shower. After a few sprays of Revive, the comb smoothly runs through my hair. 

Revive is wonderful for girls getting ready for snowboarding or ski season. While you’re out enjoying the fresh powder, Revive will add much needed moisture to heal and repair damaged hair caused by dry winter weather.

Revive has reduced my split ends and leaves my hair so soft and shiny. Everywhere I go, people compliment my beautiful, radiant hair. It is such a nice compliment to receive.

Kalea Rose’s Revive Hair Complex is not only a great detangler, it makes your hair sparkle.

Disclaimer – My Rays of Sunshine was asked to review hair products by Kalea Rose. We were given these products and asked to give our honest opinion. We were not compensated monetarily but we were given these products to review.

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