Brush Your Teeth to Lose Weight?

Should you brush your teeth to lose weight and curb your appetite?

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I may be crazy, but I think this is absolutely ridiculous advice. I’ve had three babies and I want to be back in fighting form sooner than later. However, I wouldn’t rush off and brush my teeth, hoping that a clean mouth would stop me from stuffing a brownie into my pie hole.

Here’s my novel idea – grab a healthy treat instead!

Yes, it’s true! I would eat a banana, carrots, or anything nutritious, but I would NEVER starve myself. I’m worried that a message like this only encourages eating disorders.

It seems like those offering fitness and healthy tips are not even qualified to care for a pet rock. Teenage girls, hell women, read “advice” like this and give it a go. I bet more often than not, girls who adhere to these quick tips end up binging later. They feel guilty about their binge eating and the situation escalates.

I would love to see someone who is offering clean eating advice to actually offer clean eating tips. I’m not an expert, but choosing daily to eat a healthy diet and allowing yourself a “treat” once in awhile is a much better healthy tip from a mommy, than a clean eating guru telling you to go brush your teeth.

What do you think? Is this crazy advice?



  • Dana says:

    If you have a craving for something sweet, eat some fruit. Something salty, grab a small handful of nuts. You’re right – brushing your teeth won’t make you less hungry, and your body need nourishment. However, I brush my teeth soon after dinner so I am less likely to snack in the evenings. I don’t need to snack and I do it out of habit or boredom, and sometimes the thought of brushing my teeth again is enough to stop me from mindlessly grabbing those crackers or chips.
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    • Dana, I agree, but I think this nonsense advice. I think it’s all about self-control. I would never tell a girl looking to get in-shape to go brush her teeth if she was hungry. Maybe it’s because I have two daughters that I worry about advice like this. We keep as much junk as possible out of the house and we do have treats and snacks, just a limited amount. My kids are allowed to enjoy yummy delights! After all, it is pumpkin cream cheese muffin season 🙂

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